Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Final Post from Midway

On the eve of my departure from Midway Atoll, I would like to post a few pictures that didnt quite fit into the other posts, but are still worthy in my opinion.

Midway is an amazing place that all of you should visit someday if given the opportunity. That being said, most of you will not be given the opportunity which brings me to my next point. I am lucky and grateful for being here and experiencing this. Although I will be leaving, pictures will continue to make their way onto the BIO technician from midway. I will soon have access to a photo editing program, so look out.

Up until now, all pictures have been raw, straight from the camera, and unedited. A gritty look at life on one of the world's most remote islands.

All is not lost though, as I am slated to be the new caretaker for the Lanphere Dunes unit of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.....details below......

That is still several long plane rides , and several thousand miles away, so I am getting ahead of myself.

A juvy booby.

A "pier party"

Halsey the back yard white tern chick who would pass away only a few days after this picture was taken.

More white terns

A tough looking red-tailed tropic bird chick

Not so tough.

rollin' deep

I think I'm being followed

A herd of laysan ducks

A red-tailed tropic bird pair

Fledgeling Albatross practicing flapping during a rain storm.

My next Assignment......Details Coming Soon.


  1. Halsey Died?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    I am jealous of missing the pier party.....the Sette is good times. Good luck back in Humboldt!

  2. Zach,
    Great job on Midway, yes it is an amazing place.
    Good luck on your next adventure.

    Mona & Nelson Klavitter