Friday, May 22, 2009

25 Pounds

25 Pounds is the weight limit for the gear I bring with me on the flight from Honolulu to Midway atoll. I will be able to have more sent in later, but for the first week or two, I will only have what I can bring on the first flight. I have to make two things clear here. One: this weight limit is not flexible since it represents my part of the cargo capacity on a packed flight in a small aircraft going 1,200 miles over the Pacific (the distance from Oahu to Midway). Two: Midway atoll is not a deserted island, I understand there is a merchantile and a bowling ally left over from the Navy Days. This means things like shampoo and food are available, and only take up precious weight. What I have pictured here is probably pushing the 25 pounds. I plan on using a bathroom scale to test the weight. So far techy stuff like the SD-50 scope, coolpix camera, laptop, and binoculars are the heaviest part. This is a digital world after all. I will probably be wearing most of the other stuff to stay warm on the flight.................which is at night.

Why at night?

Because we will be landing on a tiny atoll that is home to hundreds of thousands of sea birds, most of whom are less active at night. This is also the same reason the plane is powered by propellors instead of jets. Use your imagination, but remember it is not their fault. The birds (like this American Goldfinch) were here first.

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