Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watchable WIldlife

Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to interact with or even see rare and endangered birds. These "calender birds" like the raptors and exotic neo-tropical migrants can be exciting, but hard to come by. Today though, I had to do laundry, and was invited to dinner with the Carnahans. What do you do if you have a bird watching blog, a need for cool wildlife pics, and only a half an hour or so? The answer of course is watchable wildlife. These types of creatures offer an opportunity to witness life in the wild without turning off your car radio. The red-winged blackbird holds a territory in hopes of attracting a mate. He could care less about the BIO technician stumbling around under his tree with a camera. The duck family (seen in the "waterbirds" post) is growing up in a hurry, and seems oblivious to the harsh world that awaits the ducklings when they fledge. I would encourage all of you to spend more time observing and appreciating the common animals we usually take for granted.

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