Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Steller's Jay is a common sight in the Pacific Northwest. My experience with the swallows the other day inspired me to go after an easier target. This jay sat there and squawked for about two minutes which gave me some time to get dialed in. The jay was sitting in the upper branch of the tree in the middle-ground of the first zoomed-out shot. I would say I was probably 40 feet away. At this distance, subtle characteristics like the pearl blue  "eyebrows" are recognizable. Speaking of recognizable, the tree is starting to look familiar to some of you. It has been featured with every perched bird on TBT except the bald eagles. 

Animals and plants named after Georg Steller include:

Steller's Eider – Vulnerable to Extinction

Steller's Jay

Steller's Sea Cow - Extinct

Steller's Sea Eagle– Vulnerable to Extinction

Steller's Sea Lion - Endangered of Becoming Extinct

Cryptochiton stelleri, the Gumboot chiton

Artemisia stelleriana, a species of wormwood


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