Wednesday, May 27, 2009

life on the rocks

These are the rocks in the background of Micah and Poonam's wedding photo in the "Weduation 2009" post!

Harbor seals hauled out on a rock that is only exposed at certain tides.

Can you see the Sea Lions?

Here is a better view. You can tell they are sea lions becouse of the way they sit. Sea lions can sit back and push their body up with their front flippers. Just like the big bull in center of this pic. (You will have to click on the picture in order to enlarge it in your window to see this.)

The seals just sort of flop around.

The black and white birds are common murres. They are nesting on the rock. Common murres are members of the Auk family (like the marbled murrelet!). Here they are pictured below in a plate by John James Audubon, circa 1820.

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