Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Botox hits Midway

This ~55 day old duckling believe it or not is still alive, and not sedated. It has most likely been exposed to botulism toxin. Several have been found in this condition over the past week. Botulism toxin is produced when a protein source (a dead bird) is introduced into a low oxygen environment (the bottom of a seep or duck pond) in the presence of bacteria. Humans have been known to inject this same substance into their faces to maintain a youthful appearance.

1/2cc of a botulism anti-toxin is injected into the breast muscle by biologist John Klavitter assisted by Ken Foote. This will bind to the toxin and help the duckling pass it out of its body.

Fluids are replenished with a 10cc sub-cutaneous (just under the skin) injection in each leg.

Finally the duckling is topped off with 5cc of Pediolite and Water.

These ducks have been treated, and are resting. They will be kept in an aviary while their condition is monitored, and hopefully improves.

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  1. Zack,
    Thanks for the photos and update.
    How are the ducks doing?
    Mona & Nelson