Friday, June 26, 2009

Grand Central Station

This is the "G-1". It is the plane I came in on. It is the plane I will leave on. For a museum piece that is nearly 70 years old it runs pretty well. Last week it brought in a film crew ,the second visiting the atoll this summer, and there will be more.....many more. Evidently the plastic floating around in the Pacific Garbage Patch is becoming a big deal.

Today is "plane day". Quite the happening event here. I am expecting cookies from Mom. There will be some island residents leaving for various reasons, including Gene the bike guy. Need a flat tire fixed, maybe some monkey bar handle bars, he's or he was your man. He will be missed. There will also be new people coming in.

This is the NOAA research vessel Hi'ialakai. It is full of heavily tanned, hard drinking sailors who are really into coral, clouds, and other ocean-related stuff.

Very interesting. Good People.

Evidently this monster is parked just over the horizon. It is a converted oil-drilling platform, and the most expensive ship in the world, at over 1 Billion Dollars. It is supposed to detect nuclear missiles, and is highly classified. Agents from the MDC or missile defence council will be crawling all over the island for the next couple of weeks while N. Korea carries out its nuclear tests over the fourth of july. They shuutle to and from the atoll in a ship ironically called the "DOVE".

Very lame. Scary People.

I did not take this picture.

Finally the USS Walnut shown here in a picture not taken by me, is due in about a week. The other half of my luggage is rumored to be on this vessel. To be honest, it has been so long, I forget what is actually in there. Hopefully some clean socks.

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