Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Noddys -- Noio Koha and Lae hina

The Noio Koha or Brown Noddy - These sea birds are ground nesters. They build their nests on the edges of the runways, and other open areas. This makes them an ideal target for photography. An adult is doing its best to look scary and guard the nest.

This one is less vigilant.

A brown Noddy Nest, like many seabirds they lay only 1 egg per year. Hopefully the eggs will start to hatch soon, and I can post some pictures of the chicks.

The Black Noddy or Lae hina nest high in the trees, and are much harder to photograph. They are slightly smaller than the Brown Noddy.

They build more complex nests than the brown ones. I am guessing that is what this one is doing.

A male Black Noddy doing his best to impress a female.

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