Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The ilio-holo-kai

The ilio-holo-kai or Hawaiian Monk seal is critically endangered. There are less than 1,500 left in the wild. They are the most primitive of the seal/sea lion type animals, and do not for harems or social groups. They are called monks because of their solitary lifestyles.

The population on Midway Atoll is being closely monitored. Their presence on a beach can shut it down completely........even to the biologists! (These pictures were taken with my digiscoping rig from a safe distance........for the seals.)

This pup has been weened from its mother for less than a week, and finds itself surrounded by marine debris from the "Pacific garbage patch".....please Google it.

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  1. This poor little pup looks like he's trying to suckle that orange ball.